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2 To Church Of Jesus Christ:        Salvatuib By Grace Verses Salvation By Works. mp3 pdf doc
3 To Ron:         Becoming Jewish. mp3 pdf doc
4 To Ron:         African Slave Trade. mp3 pdf doc
5 To Rick::        Esther mp3 pdf doc
6 To Rick:        One God Verses Many gods. mp3 pdf doc
7 To Rick:        Day Year Prophecy & Day 1000 Year Prophecy mp3 pdf doc
8 To Rick:       Time, Times, and Half a Time Prophecy mp3 pdf doc
9 To Rick:       Once Saved Always Saved, Verses, You Must Endure Till The End. mp3 pdf doc
10 To Adan:       Editorial(The EndTimes Magazine) mp3 pdf doc
11 To Greg:       Globalism *     United-Nations * mp3 pdf doc